In this episode of the CLiP, a conversation with Jennifer Reynolds – a dynamic leader in the Canadian finance community. She isn’t just an advocate for change but a former investment banker, an avid runner, a mother of six and, currently, the President of Women in Capital Markets or what we will refer to in the Podcast as WCM. This episode goes beyond just gender issues faced in the finance industry.  It speaks to balance, working to your strengths and leading leaders to action change.

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2 comments on “Season 1, Episode 2: Jennifer Reynolds – President, Women in Capital Markets

  1. Tim Logie Feb 16, 2017

    Not only is Billy a fantastic interviewer (he’s just so calm and easy to listen to) but this interview with Jennifer is really a great interview. I don’t know Jennifer but I feel like I know her now and she has such a great head on her shoulders. I found myself agreeing and really related to everything she was talking about. I hope one day I have the privilege of meeting her. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Emma Aylon Mar 1, 2017

    Great interview – I recently joined WCM and looking forward to getting more involved with the organization. Around the 20min mark, you mention a research paper on networks broken down by gender. Do you have the name of this study? I’m interested in further reading. Thank you.

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