Vlaad and Company’s financial services focused recruiters leverage our database and the Bill’s Buzz readership to source market savvy professionals. Our head office is strategically located in Toronto, the hub of the Canadian financial industry. Your firm can use Vlaad and Company for a full suite of talent acquisition from sell-side and buy-side and corporate development mandates, to support roles such as risk management and compliance.

Please contact Bill Vlaad to discuss more about Vlaad and Company’s recruiting initiatives in Toronto.



Vlaad and Company recognizes Montréal’s importance as a business centre in Canada, populated by sizeable Investment & Corporate Banking operations, Corporations, Sales and Trading platforms, Pension Funds and Asset Managers. We believe these are best served with our ‘on-the-ground’ presence with a team which understands the uniqueness of the Montréal market.

Local market knowledge and breadth of network are essential to exceptional service. Our presence in Montréal, combined with our global experience and expertise are a testament to our commitment to offer best-in-class recruiting services.

Please contact Jean-Pierre Interlino to discuss more about Vlaad and Company’s recruiting initiatives in Montréal.