John Bitove Jr. is our guest on this episode of The CLiP. If his name rings a bell for you, it should. Not only is he responsible for bringing Taco Bell and KFC, as well as XM Radio to Canada, he is the founder of a little NBA team called the Toronto Raptors —have you heard of them?

In this episode, John tells us about his 2008 Olympic bid for Toronto, and his experiences growing up in an entrepreneurial family, and how “there’s a certain mindset…an aggressiveness.” However aggressive John Bitove has been, his success clearly stems from a well built foundation of good leadership, learnt-from-mistakes, and a passion for getting it right.


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In this episode, we speak with General Rick Hillier, the former Chief of Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces. He commanded NATO’s Stabilization Force’s Multinational Division in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and was the commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance in Kabul, Afghanistan. In this podcast, General Hillier cites many examples of military leadership as they relate to business, community and family.

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