Ian Schnoor is the Founder of the Marquee Group and, with his partners, has built an institution within the Canadian Finance Industry. Leveraging its team’s financial modelling expertise, the Marquee Group was founded on professional training but has morphed into an accreditation platform and a consulting business.  Plus, they have some interesting disruptive businesses on the horizon. Our discussion delves into how to lead when starting a business, how to get the most out of your team without giving up the firm and how to prioritize your time when your to-do list is neck deep.  Ian also shares important considerations for companies wanting to attract and retain leaders in the years ahead.
In this episode of the CLiP, a conversation with Jennifer Reynolds – a dynamic leader in the Canadian finance community. She isn’t just an advocate for change but a former investment banker, an avid runner, a mother of six and, currently, the President of Women in Capital Markets or what we will refer to in the Podcast as WCM. This episode goes beyond just gender issues faced in the finance industry.  It speaks to balance, working to your strengths and leading leaders to action change.
What does a former Head of Global Investment and Corporate Banking at one of Canada’s largest banks do when that phase of his career comes to an end? Well, apparently, the opportunities are many.  In this episode of the CLiP, I talk to Pat Meneley about how he inspired and led over the last 30 years. Pat shares with you what he sees in our country’s best leaders – both young and old.