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Season 2, Episode 3: Girls 20

In this episode of The CLiP, we sit down with 3 very passionate and dynamic members of Girls 20. They describe the program and initiatives, and speak to the underlying fundamentals of diversification within boards,... Read More
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Season 2, Episode 2: Hugh O’Reilly – CEO of OPTrust

This episode features Hugh O’Reilly, CEO of OPTrust; the institution that looks after Ontario’s retired public sector employees and their retirement money. In this episode, Hugh speaks to the management and leadership necessary to managing... Read More
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Season 1, Episode 16: Wrap-up

Canadian Leaders & Influencers share thoughts on life, early influences, and what informs good leadership. Season one ends with the compilation of our best ‘clips’, featuring a selection of common topics discussed by our guests, including:... Read More

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